Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Responding to a reader's comments

This was a reply to my post about masturbating 5 times on Sunday:

"I think I have gone 4, not sure about 5. Interesting thing is that the first 1-2 I take a nice long time, I edge and hold back, but then 3-4 are more like a need. I'm not sure I can cum at all so I work quickly towards orgasm. Or i have a window of oportunity so I figure I better get it all in when I can. How about you? Did you take your time and edge on all 5? After cumming so much were you still interested in jacking off the next day?"

All of my sessions are different. When I settled in for this day of masturbation, I was coming off of a period of three days in which I didn't masturbate at all. For me, that is very, very rare. Typically, hardly a day goes by in which I don't masturbate at least once, and most often twice.

In this case last Sunday, my first ejaculation was very quick. As I decided to masturbate, and removed my clothes, I took the lubricant to my penis, and in just about 20 minutes I was unable to resist the urge to cum. Still hard from that ejaculation, I then proceeded to edge for about 2 hours to my second orgasm.

At that point, I showered and ran some errands, gone from home about 90 minutes. Upon return, I put my things away, and then entered another 1.5 hour edge session before cumming. I then did some things around the house, and fixed a meal and ate. I read some, relaxed, and then entered the fourth session, which lasted about one hour. At that point, I did some laundry, and a few more things around the house, and prepared to retire for the evening. Once in bed, I again took the lubricant and worked pretty hard to reach orgasm number five.

As for the next day, I wanted to masturbate, but didn't. I had a long day of work, and lots of driving, and upon arriving home I was too tired. I next masturbated early Tuesday morning, taking about 45 minutes, and then engaged in about a 2 hour edge session on Tuesday night, both resulting in orgasm and ejaculation. I'm now about to masturbate (it's Wednesday night, rather late), and this will be a relative quick session, as I have a long day tomorrow, but do not want to be distracted through the day.

I want to say that I appreciate the comment, and the question. I'd enjoy hearing about other people's days filled with masturbation, and how the sessions roll into one another.

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