Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I hit number 5 the other night

It's been a long time since I've achieved such a day of orgasm. I have to say, I should do that more often! When you experience a day like that, where your whole body is attuned to the power of your penis, it's an experience that little can match.

There is something akin to meditation, or healing, that comes from that level and frequency of orgasm and ejaculation over a single day. It requires not only a fortitude of spirit and body, but also the ability to move oneself into a mental space where you want to be with yourself, you want to touch yourself, and you accept fully the act of masturbation. For many guys, masturbation #1 of the day is easy -- you're horny, maybe (like me right now) you have an erection that's spontaneous. In my case, by the fourth and fifth sessions, my body will respond, but there's a reversal of control -- I'm consciously willing the penis to engorge, and I'm willing my body into a state of arousal. Whereas the typical first session of the day can be characterized by the body's need to release semen, these later sessions of a day can be characterized by the conscious self's desire to masturbate more.

It was a beautiful Sunday. I can't recommend enough to my brothers-in-arms that you push yourself one day this week. If you normally masturbate once per day, try twice. If twice, go thrice. An advanced exercise of this type is to set a goal over a period of a week -- say daily, to twice daily, to three times daily -- and find that place of conscious reclamation of your masturbation.

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  1. I think I have gone 4, not sure about 5. Interesting thing is that the first 1-2 I take a nice long time, I edge and hold back, but then 3-4 are more like a need. I'm not sure I can cum at all so I work quickly towards orgasm. Or i have a window of oportunity so I figure I better get it all in when I can. How about you? Did you take your time and edge on all 5? After cummin gso much were you still interested in jacking off the next day?