Wednesday, July 29, 2009


You've probably noticed that I like feet. I realize this isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I thought I would take a moment to explain my personal fascination to you.

For me it began with an old jack bud who liked to have his feet played with. We spent a lot of time masturbating together, and drove one another deeper into our individual edges. We were often in search of techniques that would allow us to submit fully to our penises and thereby to deepen the experience. Typically, we would alternate, with him helping me further my bate one session, and me helping him the next.

One of the things he enjoyed, as I mentioned above, was to have his (I must mention size 14) feet touched, licked, tickled, and his toes sucked. I was reluctant at first. However, as it was "his turn," I agreed to spend some time on his feet as he experimented with how having his feet ministered to would affect his masturbation.

Imagine my surprise when I was the one who entered what was surely one of the deepest masturbation experiences I had ever had! You see, I typically visualize myself giving my body and consciousness over to my penis -- putting my penis in control during masturbation. I had found, as surely we all have, that from time to time our thoughts wander and our dedication to the act of masturbating has peaks and valleys during a given session.

First on the bed and later on the floor beneath him, I found that focusing my attention on my penis and his feet at the same time caused me to deliver my conscious thought over to my penis nearly entirely.

I regularly fantasize about being under a particularly nice set of feet, and have also found that feet and masturbation go hand in hand for many men.

In deference to those who aren't foot-oriented, I try to post pictures that include the feet but are really about masturbation.

On a final note, I find that my masturbation sessions are not nearly as satisfying if I am wearing socks. Barefoot is best, or sometimes sneakers or boots (without socks).

Happy masturbating.

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  1. Wow, that is awesome...I am totally into feet as well. It is all I think about in warm weather...most of the pics I keep show a guy's bare feet. I don't like most porn for the one focuses on feet...enough of 50 ways to screw your boy!