Monday, February 14, 2011

1,000 loads update

so far February hasn't been good. but i now have 3 nights in a hotel that will help me make up lost ground, starting with a rare midday bate -- even as I type! since embarking on this quest i've found a new understanding of my orgasm and an ability to reach the edge quicker, go deeper, yet ejaculate sooner and with more frequency. win-win-win.


  1. Really loving your updates about your goals for 2011. Hot thinking about you working on your penis for long periods of time, seeing how far you can take it!

  2. Admire your 1000 load initiative & have been thinking about the total cum volume you will be producing & have produced. At 1 ounce of sperm per load, this will be a substantial 62 pints of goo. Even at half that volume per load, which will probably vary quite a bit as the loads are closer together the total would still be over 30 pints or close to 4 gallons.

  3. Keep it up bro! So proud of your progress!!! need help and coaching, let me know!