Monday, February 21, 2011

1,000 load update

At this rate, it isn't going to happen, so I'm revising the plan down to 800. Well, actually 801, because I can't figure out how to masturbate a half a time. The revised goal means that my January evened out at exactly 100%, though February is going to be rough still. With only 7 days remaining, I'd need to average above 4 per day to get there, and that seems unlikely at best. Meanwhile I continue to feel closer than ever to my penis, and some of my sessions have taken on an almost spiritual quality.

Significant work travel in March bodes well to make up some of February's lost ground.


  1. hello
    im a downshifter and i bate half time now
    i developp my bate addiction
    i read your blog every day
    its helps me brother!