Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Update -- not feeling too hot

And I think the masturbation might have something to do with it. Not too much, mind you, but too little!

I had a trip with some down time, and I managed to get 15 session in over 3.5 days. Felt great. Then a travel day where I dropped down to my first day of zero masturbation in 2011. Dove right back into work, then had to drive out of town (3.5 hours), quick overnight (2 jacks) and then drive back home, to one quickie. So I rapidly took my body from a frequency of nearing 5 per day down to a zero, and then did 2 in a row combined with 7 hours in the car.

Goal here is to jack it out, get the bod back into a cycle (I think 3 should do it) and then I'll be good to go. More soon.


  1. Sorry you haven't felt too well. OK, so you say you don't feel well due to a lack of jacking off. YET, you drove for 3.5 hours - you should've unzipped and stroked one out while you were driving. Many a guy has blown a load while cruising down the highway.

    Get it out, get it hard, and get busy! lol.

  2. In 2007 I was in Switzerland in an hotel in Luzorn. A couple of guys were in the construction site. I took off my pants and unserwear and jack off. These guys stopped what they were doing to see me out until I jerked all over the window. Never done before, never again. What a relief though