Monday, January 31, 2011

2011 goal update

Final January total is 68, or 80% of my goal of 85. Not as good of performance as I would have hoped -- in one sense. I shared with you all that I wasn't feeling too hot, and that continued for a couple of days, depressing my daily total (though I did manage to escape the creepin' crud in the main).

On the upside, however, is that I think I now have at least anecdotal evidence that if you use it, you don't lose it. Despite masturbating to orgasm 68 times in the month, my desire is at an all-time high. In fact, I'm developing spontaneous erections like I'm in the 7th grade again. I'm finding I can masturbate to stimuli that just wouldn't have done it for me before, and though I have used porn and talking with other masturbators quite frequently, I have also had several very intense sessions with no external stimuli whatsoever.

Finally, today brought the first open, public, ejaculation of the year. I had made two previous trips to the venue of choice, but was unable to follow through, both times on account of patrons who couldn't understand that I wanted to jack it out myself, not have them fondle me or blow me, nor did I want to blow them. [I'll post on my thoughts of grabbing a guy by the shoulders and trying to force him down to this knees some other time.] Today, however, with the impending blizzard (and 30 minutes to kill), the mood was perfect. Only one other customer and the bartender, great porn vid playing, bottle of water in my hand, pants at my ankles, and 20 minutes of staring at the tiny screen and openly grunting brought forth a nice wad. It's great to be back.

February brings a goal of just 77, owing to the number of days in the month. The month will begin poorly, however, as a blizzard is expected to come through, meaning I'll be trapped at home without the ability to focus on the task at hand. Middle of the month is good, however, as at least 8 nights on the road away from home will mean significant opportunity to overachieve. What's more, two of those days are basically half days, which means that I'll have large swaths of time, in a nice, comfy hotel room to achieve some new records. I'm getting close to retiring another fleshlight, and 3 nights in a hotel filling it about 4 times per day should give it just the send off it needs. I'm eager for a speed bump model, and perhaps I'll be able to order one to have delivered to another hotel in March.

Happy bating.

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