Wednesday, August 19, 2009


After my workout today, I was filled with the urge for a locker bate. I was at a different gym than usual -- one where the lockerroom is pretty open rather than my usual place where there are "culs-de-sac" that afford at least some warning that someone is approaching. You've guessed that I'm not concerned in the least with being seen, but nor do I wish to be overly offensive.

I was standing at my locker, towel in hand, and gently tugging, when this guy whizzes around the corner and catches me red-handed. "Sorry," I say. "No worries," he replies, "we all need it. Let it out, man."

Just the way it should be.


  1. would have been great if he nutted with you... mmmm

  2. There are many parallels in our story, including having corresponded with Harold Litten (Robert Bahr)! I have great respect for your journey, which you have outlined only briefly, but the gist of which I fully understand. I especially resonated to your exploration of "what makes me tick". Our sexual apparatus, both physical and psychological can be systematically mastered and then operated with increasing levels of skill and care. This is the abiding preoccupation of the student of masturbation.

    I did not have the advantage of parental encouragement. I have described my masturbation in great detail to my father, and once arranged for him to see me masturbating (which was perhaps questionable), but while he is very liberal minded, he stopped short of giving his blessings to my choice of solosexuality.